Coming February 2011:
A non-fiction history of east-central Arizona inspired by Michener's classic novel Centennial,
To be available during Arizona's own 100-year anniversary.
Story of the American West
Told through the lives of Apaches, Mountain Men, Hispanics, Soldiers, Mormons, Cowboys, Blacks, Outlaws and Others Who Struggled in the White Mountains, One of the Last Untamed Regions of the West.

As Published in Book

The American Heritage Book of Great Adventures of the Old West
American Indians of the Southwest, Bertha P. Dutton
Among the Apaches, Frederick Schwatka
An Apache Odyssey: Indeh, Eve Ball
Anasazi, Ancient People of the Rock, David Duench and Donald G. Pike
Ancestral Hopi Migrations, Patrick D. Lyons
Ancient Ruins of the Southwest, David Grant Noble
Anza and the Northwest Frontier, J.N. Bowman and R.F. Heizer
Apache Agent, the Biography of John P. Clum, Woodworth Clum
The Apache Diaries, A Father and Son Journey, Grenville and Neil Goodwin
Apache Indian Baskets, Clara Lee Tanner
The Apache Indians, In Search of the Missing Tribe, Helge Ingstad
Apache Indians, Raiders of the Southwest, Sonia Bleeker
Apache Indian Scouts, H.B. Wharfield
The Apache Kid, William Sparks
Apache Navaho and Spaniard, Jack D. Forbes
Apache Odyssey, A Journey Between Two Worlds, Morris Opler
Apache Reservation, Richard J. Perry
The Archaeology of Arizona, Paul S. Martin and Fred Plog
Arizona as it Was, Hiram C. Hodge
Arizona Memories, edited by Anne Hodges and Rennard Strickland
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Arizona Was the West, James R. Jennings
Arizona, A Cavalcade of History, Marshall Trimble
Arizona, a State Guide, Works Progress Administration
Arizona’s Dark and Bloody Ground, Earl Forrest.
Arizona’s Honeymoon Trail, Norma Baldwin Ricketts
Arizoniana, Stories from Old Arizona, Marshall Trimble
The Basket Weavers of Arizona, Bert Robinson
Before the Dawn, Nicholas Wade
The Biographical Album of Western Gunfighters, Ed Bartholomew
Black Jack Ketchum: Last of the Hold-Up Kings, Ed Bartholomew.
Bleed, Blister, and Purge, Volney Steele
Book of the Hopi, Frank Waters
The Book of the Navajo, Raymond Friday Locke
The Buffalo Soldiers, William H. Leckie
Butch Cassidy: A Biography, Richard Patterson
Canyon Country Prehistoric Indians, F.A. Barnes and Michaelene Pendleton
Cap Mossman, Last of The Great Cowmen, Frazier Hunt
The CCC in Arizona’s Rim Country, Robert J. Moore
Changing Woman of the Apache, Sydele Golston.
Concho, The Enchanted Pearl, E.M. DeGlane
Cooley: Army Scout, Arizona Pioneer, Wayside Host, Col. H.B. Wharfield.
Coronado, Knight of Pueblos and Plains, Herbert E. Bolton
The Crooked Trail to Holbrook, Leland J. Hanchett, Jr.
Cycles of Conquest, Edward H. Spicer
The Diaries of John Gregory Bourke, Edited by Charles M. Robinson III
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Digging into History, Paul S. Martin
Don’t Let the Sun Step Over You, Eva Tulene Watt
Down Through Arizona
Early Western Travels, 1748-1846, Edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites
Edward F. Beale & the American West, Gerald Thompson
Elijah was a Valiant Man, Arvin Palmer
Emma Lee, Juanita Brooks
Encyclopedia History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Firm as the Mountains, a Review of the Early Mormon Settlement
The First Hundred Years of Nino Cochise, As told to A. Kinney Griffith
Francois X. Aubry, Trader, Trailmaker and Voyager, Donald Chaput
The Freight Rolled, James R. Jennings
From Indian Trails to Jet Trails, Snowflake’s Centennial, Albert J. Levine
A Gallery of Western Badmen, William Waters
General George Crook, His Autobiography, Edited by Martin F. Schmitt
Geologic Highway Map of Arizona, Arizona Geological Survey
Geology of Arizona, Dale Nations and Edmund Stump
George Scarborough, Life and Death of a Lawman, Robert K. DeArment
Geronimo and the End of the Indian Wars, C. L. Sonnichsen
Geronimo!, E.M. Halliday
Geronimo: His Own Story, S.M. Barrett and Frederick Turner
The Ghost Dance, James Mooney
Gold and Silver in the West, T. H. Watkins
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History of Arizona, Thomas Edwin Farish
A History of the St. Johns Arizona Stake, C. LeRoy & Mabel R. Wilhelm
Homol’ovi: A Cultural Crossroads, William H. Walker
Hoofprints on Forest Range, Paul H. Roberts
The Impact of the Frontier on a Jewish Family, Floyd S. Fierman
In the Great Apache Forest: The Story of a Lone Boy Scout, James Schulz
In the Trail of the Wind, American Indian Poems, edited by John Bierhorst
Indian Land Cessions in the United States, Charles C. Royce
The Indian Races of North and South America, Charles De Wolf Brownell
James Madison Flake, Pioneer, Leader, Missionary, S. Eugene Flake
Journal of Jesse N. Smith
The Journey of Coronado, Pedro Castanada
Kit Carson’s Autobiography, edited by Milo Milton Quaife
The Land Looks After Us, Joel W. Martin
Landscapes of Arizona, Terah L. Smiley, J. Dale Nations, et. al.
Life of Tom Horn, Government Scout and Interpreter, Tom Horn
Like A Brother, Grenville Goodwin’s Apache Years, Neil Goodwin
Lost Bonanzas, Harry Sinclair Drago
Lost Mines of the Great Southwest, John D. Mitchell
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Memories of McNary, edited by Martha McNary Chilcote
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Mormon Polygamy, a History, Richard S. Van Wagoner
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My Life as an Indian, James Schulz
Myths and Tales of the White Mountain Apache, Grenville Goodwin
The Navaho, Clyde Kluckhorn and Dorothea Leighton
The New Deal in Arizona, William S. Collins
The New Deal in the Southwest, Peter Bermingham
New Keys to Reading Apache, White Mountain Apache Culture Center
North American Indian, Edward S. Curtis
O.K. Corral Postscript: The Death of Ike Clanton, Rita K. W. Ackerman
On the Border with Crook, John Gregory Bourke
On the Road to Nowhere, Karen Miller Applewhite
Once They Moved Like the Wind, David Roberts
Origin and Development of the Pueblo Katsina Cult, E. Charles Adams
The Outlaw Trail: History of Butch Cassidy, Charles Kelly
Outlawry and Justice in Arizona, Sunnyside High School, Tucson
The Ox-Bow Incident, Walter Van Tilburg Clark
Pages from Hopi History, Harry C. James
The People Called Apache, Thomas Mails
Personal Narrative of Explorations, John Russell Bartlett
Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie, James Ohio Pattie
Plumed Snake Dance, James Schulz
Prehistoric Indians of the Southwest, H. M. Wormington
Prehistoric Textiles of the Southwest, Kate Peck Kent
Prehistory of the Southwest, Linda S. Cordell
Primitive Drinking, Chandler Washburne
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A Tribute to the Lakeside Pioneers, Published by Karen LaDuke
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Oral history: Atella Haws, Martha McNary Chilcote, Mary Riley, Edgar Perry, Lewis Peterson, Marion Elizabeth Menhennet, Grace Carlisle.

Online Additions to the Bibliography

Essays and Manuscripts
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Lectures and Talks
Ramon Riley, White Mountain Apache Cultural Center director

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A brochure from the Lyman Land Company, Southwest Museum, Los Angeles
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Arizona Apache Wars
Southwest Explorations.

Selected Chapters
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